Gata cu Martirismul

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12 ani de voluntariat. Din care 5 explicit pentru educație. Cu acțiuni de la relații individuale de consiliere la organizații de organizații. Toate mânate de nevoia de impact și dorința de schimbare.

Skin Deep Humanity

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We, humans, have created this world. We have built it from our caves to our sky-scrapers. We have invented norms and systems of thinking and begun operating with them and within them. We have created money and trade, social status and ways of being in relationship with each other, ideas about right and wrong and… More

Reconsidering the Relation with Time

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Time is not about time, but about the resources I choose to invest in every moment.   Time is not a matter of Time itself. It has no consistency. It is not real real. It exists as a concept in our consensual reality. It’s closest shape of materialization is through clocks. But clocks are only… More

Înveți până la moarte? Și când învățăm să murim?

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În momentele în care nu e băgat sub preșul conversației, gestul de a vorbi despre moarte aduce cu sine expresii ce pot fi ușor etichetate drept platitudini mentale precum “Moartea e momentul adevărului” sau “Moartea e momentul când ajungem față în față cu noi înșine”. Poate pentru că “nu s-a întors nimeni de dincolo să… More

Allan Watts on Education System, Music and Life as a Journey

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“Existence is basically playful. There is no necessity for it whatsoever. It isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t have some destination that you ought to arrive at. In music, though, one doesn’t make the end of a composition the point of a composition. If that was so, the best conductors would be those that would play… More

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For too long I have been afraid of losing all I have been working for. Until I realized there is a difference between what I am working for and what I am living for.

The day I gave up who I was supposed to Be

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Ever since I can remember I wanted to be special, to leave a mark, to do/invent/discover/build something that the entire humanity would have benefit. All my role models have this particular characteristic — they pushed humanity forward.

Cum faci totul, făcând nimic

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Pe 18 februarie 2015 am împlinit 24 de ani. Mi-a expirat buletinul. Îmi planificasem cu mult timp înainte să îmi petrec această zi în Lituania, la un eveniment Art of Hosting împreună cu încă 3 prieteni. Eram atât de convinsă că așa va fi, încât mi-am planificat cu vreo lună înainte celebrarea pe 28 februarie… More

Seeds of change

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Ever since I was a child, I was concerned about the future of humanity. Big words for a small human being.

A Millennial Form of Success

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Few days ago I found myself tagged in a Facebook picture on Richard Branson’s page and this showed me how this world works and made me reconsider what success is.